Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tips & Tricks - How to Launch Your Kite

Single line kites are the simplest of all kites and can be launched solo or with a friend. When you bring your kite home, you may find your kite has a tail. Tails help keep the kite stable, although not all kites have them. To launch your single line kite, simply run against the wind while holding your kite with one hand and line in the other. Once the kite begins to rise, let your line out to allow your kite to fly. If your kite decides to drop, give the line a tug and stop letting your line up until your kite starts to fly again. Also, make sure the end of your line is tied to the reel. You don’t want your kite to fly away without you.

Dual line trick kites have a fixed length of line with which to fly. Simply set up your kite on it’s back, nose pointed away from you, so it will go up into the wind. Tie your lines to your kite and make sure all your lines are the same. Trick kites like symmetry. Unravel your lines entirely, making sure they are not twisted. Take your handles, pull your kite slightly onto it’s tips, and with a quick even tug by bringing your hands down to your sides, pull your kite up. Your kite should shoot straight up. You may have to take a step or two backwards. Trick kites don’t need a whole lot of over the top movement and tend to be very responsive.

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